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About us:     Hotel Panorama is a prestigious luxury hotel situated in Kruja,near the Rinas (Tirana) Airport offering its guests the atmosphere of a grand hotel with modern amenity.Panorama is the best hotel in Kruje and nearby . From Panorama you get wonderful views from balconies and from bar & restaurant terraces . "Hotel Restorant Panorama"  have 52 rooms and four restaurants , that you must absolutely prove the delicious meals that Panorama offers to you . The traditional meal of Kruje is the most likely by a numerous of costumers . 

 Information about Kruje :    Kruje (definite Albanian form: Kruja) is a town in north central Albania and the capital of the municipality and the Krujë District. It has a population of   about 15,900. Located between Mount Krujë , the city is only 32 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana.the city is situated at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level,  located on a mountainside with a very nice view on the Adriatic sea to the west.

 The historic monuments of culture that are more visited by tourists are :    Castle of kruja , Skanderbeg museum , Etnography museum , The Old Bazaar , Skanderbeg  monument , Teqe of Dollma , Teqe of Sarisalltik  (above the mountain ,10 min with car) , Teqe of Gjurmashenjt (in the entrance of the city)  ,  etc.

The museums of Krujë include the Skanderbeg museum, located in the environs of the Krujë castle, and the national ethnographic museum.



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